Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coffee Filter Jellyfish

We did a this fun little project today and I wanted to share:
Coffee Filter Jellyfish This morning David wanted to paint, so I gave him some watercolors, a large paintbrush and coffee filters. The colors come out almost tie-dye. We set these aside to dry and then did some other things around the house. Clean up time with the washable paints was pretty quick ~ just a few minutes.
This afternoon once the coffee filters were dry, we got out:
different color streamers (crepe paper) for the tentacles curling ribbon (used for gift wrap) for the arms
sticky tape (as Dora calls it)
a small ball (for shaping the jellyfish)
thread to hang up the final project.

First lay out the painted coffee filter flat. Then tape streamers around the edges. Next tape down curling ribbon in the center.Once complete, you shape the filter around the ball. The coffee filter paper is very flexible and moldable. Once complete, string thread thru the top to hang them up.

Hang up and enjoy! If you have a fan going they look really cute floating around! (And cleanup time was pretty quick)

Thanks for looking!

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