Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby Update

19 Weeks! Only 5 more days until our big ultrasound...we can't wait. Lil D is hoping for a boy. But he told me he would still be proud if it was a girl. He will say "I think she is going to be a boy" How cute.

Being 4 1/2, he has had some very interesting questions regarding the it got in there? How will it get out? Then he says funny things like I think he is watching tv in there. He also said there is another imaginary baby in there so the baby has someone to play with. He snuggles up with my belly and says "I love you baby" Oh and last month his number one name for baby was Supermarket Baby. I guess that could either way for a boy or a girl right?

Here is the newest picture of the baby:

I been feeling pretty good. Very tired by 3:00. I started to feel the baby more and it is a great feeling. This pregnancy feels different than when I was with David but I think it is more because I am 5 years older.

Here is a recent belly picture. Thanks for looking!