Monday, December 21, 2009

4 Weeks Old Already

In some ways it seems like the whirlwind of November 23rd was so long ago but it is amazing on the other hand that Joey is 4 weeks old today!!! It is a crazy time of year with the holidays so balancing everything hasn't been easy. It seems like our "to do" list is always a mile long, we've had more doctor's appointments than we want to count and the house just doesn't stay clean for more that 1 hour. But I wouldn't change in for the world.

I love that Joey is here for the holidays. I have had fun dressing him in his little Christmas outfits and we brought him and David to see Santa this past week. Christmas morning I am sure will be alot of fun for David and it means even more because this year he can share the holiday with Joey. Lil D is already concerned that Joey might wake up for a feeding when Santa is at the house. I assured him that this will not happen LOL!

Our First Family picture with the 4 of us! All ready to go "play in the snow" (well not really)

I'm Cool!
Brotherly Love

More holiday updates to come!

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