Friday, February 13, 2009

"Mom can I borrow the car to go to work?"

and other funny things a 4 year old says...

ME: Ummmm no I don't think so.
So then with a little sass he says : "We'll then can you drive me to work?"
ME: [thinking to myself] when did I get a 16 year old?

Then of course he got the usual speech that it would be extremely dangerous for a person under 16 to try and drive and it is against the law and it would be a very very bad thing. Then Big D chimed in that his legs wouldn' be long enough and he probably wouldn't be able to see over the steering wheel.

One day he said to me "Mom while you get showered I will go ahead and go outside and warm up the car for you" That day I was sure to double lock the door and hide the keys before I got showered.

Backstory: He talks about his "work" all the time. And his co-workers just happen to have all the same names as his dad's coworkers. Except for jobs they sweep the floor, work in the cafeteria, clean up garbage etc. You a garbage man does. Oh but one female co-worker "L" hands out cherries to little boys. How funny is that one! When he was 2 1/2 we stopped by Dad's real work and L was eating cherries and gave him one. I guess he remembered it and he figured that must be what she does for a job.

I asked him today what he does. He replied with clean my garbage trucks and dry them, then feed them and tuck them in so they can sleep. And then he has paperwork to do. He is so cute - Daddy is his Hero and he wants to be like him. Well except that fact that he wants to be a sanitation "engineer".
This is a "TV" he built all by himself with his Kids Knex. I though it was very good that he put that all together himself. Oh and he can zip up his jacket himself too which is very helpful for getting ready in the morning!

Monday, February 2, 2009

January Wrap Up - a few days late!

So we made it thru January. Just that much closer to Spring. Thank Goodness!
I am glad the Holidays are over. My anxiety level has dropped.
I decided I would like to skip over December 17 - January 11th
every that possible?

It's Just a Virus...
I thought since we had made it to Lil D's birthday party without getting sick we would be okay BUT I was wrong. Usually he is so healthy but always gets sick in January. The day after his birthday, he got home from a day with my dad & stepmom and he said "I don't feel too good". Yup he has been sick ever since. That was January 18th...Today is February 2nd. He has had a nasty virus with a very high fever that wouldn't quit and a bad cough. The cough fluctuated from dry and irrating to deep in the chest. We had to have xrays done to rule out pneumonia. I guess his preschool classmates are also sick with the same thing. Poor little guy was getting so frustrated how he was feeling. He is usually so active, running, jumping playing and it was really hard to see him just lying still wanting to sleep. I have had sinus issues and an ear ache since before that and finally I got some antibiotics and I am feeling better. Hopefully we are on the mend and there will be no viruses lurking. We were housebound for over a week. It was awesome to get out this past weekend. Retail therapy always helps!

January 18th - The day he started feeling sick.

Playing playdoh - Thanks Wilmes Family!
My Creation - I *LOVE* Ice Cream Shoppe!

"Happy Birthday on Replay"
David's birthday party was fun. Just the right amount of people. He originally asked if he could invite his whole class - 18 4 -5 year no was the answer on that one. He said his favorite part of his birthday party was all the decorations and I think perhaps the cake. He ended up having "Happy Birthday" sung to him many times. The day of his actual birthday we did a candle in pancakes, then Uno's for lunch and they brought over a sundae with a candle and sang. That night my mom came over and we had a mini cake and sang yet again. At school on Tuesday the class sang to him and they had cupcakes. And then the big birthday party with friends and some family. I am completely all birthday'd out!! Now to just get to those thank you notes.

I can't believe our "baby" is 4!
Uno's Birthday
The Cake - Of course it wouldn't be complete without the garbage truck!Yum! Gotta Love the Blue Frosting!

"Snow Snow Go Away"

I am so done with this winter. Yeah the snow is pretty but it is a mess out there. We have SO much snow on our front lawn. Before Lil D got sick it was so cold out that we couldn't go out in it to play. Hopefully February will be better for sledding and making snowmen. I am anticipiating spring to come quickly (happy groundhog day by the way) but I am nervous about the snow melting and our basement. I need to mentally schedule a weekend for another round of basement cleanout. It seems like we really have made a mess of it since the fall. Just putting stuff down there not back in order. We gotta get all that stuff off the floor. We had a yardsale last year but maybe we need to have another this year.

Waiting for the Garbage Truck

"Projected Projects"
I have so many things I want to do. I actually make myself anxious about it and then I don't get anything done or I do a completely random project like last week wrapping $85 in coins. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy! I need to finish sorting thru Lil D's clothes. I am moving onto 5T pants and either 5T or boys xs shirts. I have a good amount of stuff to get rid of. I am debating (in my head) whether it is better to freecycle or donate for tax purposes. I love Freecycle and I would like to help someone else out because I know how I appreciate handme downs, especially because he is growing so fast!

Hand me down outfit - Thanks to my neighbor! (glasses not included)
I cleaned out my closet last year but never got rid of the old clothes. I NEED to do that. I have a huge pile just building up. Again, should I give away, resell on Ebay, consignment, freecycle? Hummm, I gotta decide and just do it! I so need a personal assistant.

Too Many Toys:

We cleaned out some of the toys prior to Christmas and then before D's Bday. Last week we cleaned or attempted to clean out his closet. He has enough toys for 4 kids. We have some we decided to get rid of and others he just can't part with right now.

Scrapbooking & Crafts:

Well I finally listed my two premade scrapbooks I made on EBAY. Unfortunately I don't have any bids yet and my feelings are hurt :( I have reget that I didn't list them sooner when the economy was better. I have more to list but I may look into Etsy too.

As far as sewing I would love to do a bunch of projects but sewing around Lil D is impossible. Naturally curious, he wants to sit on my lap and watch. I want to make some Silky Taggy blankets to sell and also I have some quilts to work on.

T-Shirt Quilts

Organizing supplies; that is an on going project in my scrappy area. Oh and then there is actual scrapbooking to get to.
I made my Christmas album (early for once) and finally printed 200 pictures over the weekend. Maybe today I will put them in my album. I actually just finishied my 2007 Christmas album in December 2008!

I am going to try something different for my 2009 album. Not so many random layouts or maybe just a layout of two per month. I am running out of room for all my scrapbooks! I need to start going on that and also finish up some 2008 layouts. It works out good that D's birthday is in January. I make each album series usually birthday to following birthday.
I end each "series" with a picture from January 11th.

And Last but not least... My daily affirmation is now going to be


I started on that a few weeks ago and man it is addicted. I over heard two moms in the grocery store talking about how addicted they are. What the....?