Friday, May 28, 2010

May Photos with my new Camera

I got a new camera from my wonderful hubby when I gave birth to Joey. It is a Cannon Powershot SX120 ls 10X optical zoom 10.0 mega pixels. Life was hectic and I didn't have much time to play around with the settings on the camera. Now that I have finally gotten used to using it and figuring out the settings...I LOVE IT! It takes beautiful photos especially in natural sunlight. I have had a great time doing photo shoots of the boys. Also there is a super 40x zoom on it. It is amazing how great those photos are.
I LOVE this picture of Joey. He is teething and I think it really captures the moment.
David playing outside at GG's house.

Joey enjoying his high chair.
Joey waking up from his nap. PS: I also LOVE the magical Fisher Price Rock'N Play Sleeper. Best thing ever if your baby has reflux.
Close up using the zoom. These dandilions were way across our yard in our our neighbors yard. (of course we do not have dandilions in our yard...LOL)

And if you wonder why there are so many pictures of Joey these days and not David, well it is because David is getting sick of having his picture taken. True child of a scrapbooker and David's 27 scrapbooks of his first 5 years of life! If I do get a picture of him, he does this goofy silly smile and squints his eyes. This one is funny too. This is what happens when I told him to keep his eyes open. You can see his two new teeth that came in. Yes...we are saving for braces!
Thanks for looking!

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Karen said...

I love that picture of Joey too with his fingers in his mouth. Priceless!