Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joey's Torticollis

Torticollis is a condition in which a baby's head is tilted, caused by either a tightening of the muscles of the neck, flattening of the back of the head or a combination of the two. The condition often refers to tightness of a specific muscle which pulls the head sideways toward the shoulder, turns the face toward the opposite shoulder and brings the head forward on the chest. Habitually spending time in this position frequently causes other neck muscles to tighten.
[excerpt from Childrens Memorial Hospital website]

In utero, Joey was transverse for most of my pregnancy.  After he was born we began to notice that he always preferred his head tilted to the right and now looking back in photos, it was very apparent.  It also makes sense why he had problems breastfeeding in certain positions.  When he was a few months old we noticed he was developing a flat spot like David did when he was a baby. So we knew the routine with Plagiocephaly.  We talked to the pediatrician and we were referred to physical therapy for Joey.  It was diagnosed that he had Torticollis.  David did not have Torticollis, just Positional Plagiocephaly.  David liked to sleep and in one position.  Joey's was another whole set of issues.

Let's just say the first visit to Physical Therapy was not a good one.  Joey was irritable and also just began being treated for reflux.  He hated being layed down flat.  We also learned quickly that he really hated his neck muscles being touched.  There was alot of crying and it was difficult to get his measurements.  At this point too with his digestive issues, he was spitting up alot.  So if we fed him before PT then he would spit up.  If he didn't eat he was not happy either. 

After a few visits, we had a conflict in scheduling.  We ended up switching Physical Therapists to get a morning time slot.  Our new therapist specializes in cranial sacral therapy and massage.  This worked wonders with Joey.  He was calm and he enjoyed his massage time. Her style and personality clicked well with us and Joey really took to her.   The therapists were both great in recognizing when he had had a enough and needed a break.  It is somewhat overstimulating at times.

With the combination of therapy, daily exercises at home many times a day and the Infant Head Bed, we were able to decrease the flat spot significantly and also improve the mobility and movement of his neck muscles. 
Now at almost 9 months he does have a small flat spot.  Along with our Pediatrican, we decided not to treat the minor flat spot. It is not very noticable and there are not any abnormalities with his facial features.  It is alot more important that his neck is feeling better.  Joey still has the reflux, is super sensitive and has sleeping issues.  I just felt like the helmet was the last thing we need to deal with now. Though now that he is active and crawling and pulling himself on everything, the helmet would be helpful as a crash helmet! 

Brotherly Love

Here are some pictures of the boys playing together.  There is almost a 5 year age difference but they still find things they like doing together like playing in the pool, duplo legos and playing with trucks!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Joey at 8 1/2 Months

Every Monday I get an email from Baby Weekly that has Joey's age in weeks.  Today he is 38 weeks old.  Joey is a busy little guy these days.  He is very mobile and is quick to get where he wants.  Some milestones are:

♥  Has 2 bottom teeth (July) and one top tooth coming in (August 12th)
♥  Can scoot and crawl
♥  Pulls himself to standing in his activity center, pack n play, crib, furniture
♥  Can kneel without holding onto anything and tries to balance
♥  Can sit without assistance
♥  giggles and laughs alot (likes playing peek-a-boo) Likes being out around people.
♥  Likes making sounds like Hi, Gaa Gaa, Baa Baa, Ma mee Ma Mee, Daa Daa.
♥  Mimics sounds and facial expressions like sticking out his tongue and blowing raspberries.
♥  Prefers oatmeal cereal over rice cereal.  Loves pears and likes applesauce, bananas, green beans, peas, carrots and sweet potatoes.  Likes cheerios and baby mum mums.  Not crazy about the puffs.  Has tried some table foods and likes alot of it.
♥  Still takes 3 naps a day (mostly 45 - 90 minutes never longer than that)
♥  Likes to be swaddled in mommy's wrap if he is really tired.
♥  Still not sleeping thru the night and still sometimes sleeps in his Rock n Play sleeper.  (working on this)
prefers his exersaucer over the jumperoo.