Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things Are Just Ducky!

Only 4 Weeks until it is officially spring!  The boys are getting big and are busy as ever. 
David officially 6 years old!

Joey will be 15 months tomorrow!

These are pictures from the last snow storm.  We had so much snow it was covering the mailbox and you can only see the top half of the windows from the street.  We were running out of room to put all the snow!  
 Joey is too little to go out in the all the snow, but him and Chloe had a great time watching David and Daddy from the window.
David has lost more teeth.  So far he has lost 7 teeth in 1 year exactly.  The 7th one fell out a year from the first one. 
Joey is learning all types of tricks.  He is getting to that age that he wants out and also trying to get himself into small spaces.  He is very persistent and stubborn.  And he will definitely let you know if he is not happy.
Therefore landing him in "timeout".  It is kind of humorous at this point but he does need to know that he just can't get into things he is not supposed to and then laugh.  He gets 1 minute.  He sees his brother in Time out so he likes to sit there too.  I am sure once he hits the terrible twos, he won't think it is so funny anymore.

The boys love playing together.  Everything that David plays with Joey wants too and David is wonderful for the most part and lets his little brother play too.  They have alot of fun together.  They love it when all the toys are cleaned up and they can just run around and dance to music.  It is really sweet to see them interact.

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