Friday, June 24, 2011

The Boss Baby

A few weeks ago, at the library, we checked out The Boss Baby (written by Marla Frazee). We were introduced to this book thanks to Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories.    We buy alot of Cheerios in this house and we love when they have the free book in the front of the box.  Our "prize" a few months ago was the book "All the World", a melodic, rhythmic story that is beautifully illustrated.  On the back of the free book was a picture of The Boss Baby.  By the title and illustration, we knew this might be something we like. 

The Boss Baby is one of the funniest books we have read in a while, like laugh out loud funny.   It is especially humorous if you have your very own "Boss Baby".  You know first hand the constant demands of a high maintenance baby.

This would be the perfect gift for a mom-to-be that has a sense of humor.  The '50s-inspired pencil and watercolor illustrations are adorable!  Along with the text, the illustrations are hilarious and entertaining.  Definitely a book that will get read many times!

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