Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Layouts From Our Girls Scrapbook Weekend

We had a fabulous time on our scrapbook weekend this past weekend!  By "Girls" Weekend I mean my best friend Karen and myself.  And by Weekend, I mean Friday afternoon around 2:00 - Sunday afternoon around 2:00.  We stay in a Massachusetts Hotel Suite 1/2 way between NH and RI.  Our Suite is perfect, two seperate bedrooms with private baths on either side and a large living room with a small dinette type kitchen in the center. We bring our own food (there is a full frig & stove), so we don't have to leave if we don't want too.  We move the furniture around a bit and put the desks in the center of the living room.  What also makes our trip complete is a trip down to Right At Home Scrapbooking to get caught up on the latest and greatest supplies that have come out in the past year. 
In addition to scrapbooking like crazy, we have a great time chit chatting without interruptions, no one to cater to but ourselves, watching chick flicks while we scrapbook and of course yummy food & lots of coffee!!!   We have both been scrapbooking since about 2000/2001 and we have had this type of scrapbooking trip at least once every year since then.  We have scrapbooked in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey.  We used to go to organized crops (we even had our own a few times) but since we have had children, we find that getting a suite and doing our own thing works much better.  The only schedule we are on is our own instead of having to following the crop's schedule of events. 

Here are some of the layouts from this past weekend.  I got 25 complete pages down, 2010 8x8 Christmas album completed and a whole bunch of empty pages I added photographs.  I am happy with the amount of stuff I got done and a little closer to being caught up in my 2012 albums.


Thanks for looking!
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Lots and Lots of Pregnancy & Baby Scrapbooking

Some of these pages I made to catch up on Joey's baby book, some were for a neighbor's new baby girl and the other 's were for our cousin's new baby boy!  I am hoping by the end of the weekend I will be completely caught up on Joey's baby scrapbooks.  My pregnancy one is done now too!  The last three pregnancy scrapbook layouts, I am hoping to get up onto Ebay at some point.   Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Joey is 2 1/2 !!!!

I measured and weighed him today.

33 inches tall
28.8 lbs

Joey is talking in a lot of sentences and most of the time able to tell us how he is feeling.  He can tell us his first and last name and also that he is 2 1/2 (two half is how he says it). Currently his favorite color is yellow and favorite food is oatmeal ("meal" in his words).   He is still constantly climbing and getting into two year old fun aka trouble!  He can mostly dress himself and like to try on different shoes, boots and hats.  He loves putting on a backpack and walking to the busstop with the big D and little D.  He told me the other day he had homework in his backpack. So cute!

He is starting to sing the ABC song and also can somewhat count to 14 (missing and duplicating a few numbers in between)  He made his friend little friend at school and talks about him at home.  It is really noticable that 3 is right around the corner!!!

September 14 -
    34 inches tall
    31 pounds
Actually grew out of some of his 2T pjs!  3T is still big on him but I can see the length is in his legs. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Super Mario Bros Wii Birthday Decorations and Banners

Remember David's "Super Mario Bros Wii Birthday"?  Well I finally got the decorations listed on Ebay this week!  I mean, why not try to sell them.  They are just sitting in a box taking up room in the closet.  I kinda got out of the swing of selling stuff on ebay and craigslist the past few months, but I hope to get back on track!

Here is the listing EBAY Auction

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family Room Renovations and Decor


(I'm in love with the bookcases!)


(mostly purchased at
Hobby Lobby, Home Goods and Marshalls)

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