Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh Babycakes!

We had the same belgian waffle maker for about 11 years!  It still worked pretty well but unfortunately it was pulled down from the counter (luckily when it was cold) and the plastic cracked.  I am very very thankful that no one got hurt and I learned my lesson that Joey can reach so much more than I think.  Oh by the way, we used it all the time, like at least 3 -4 times a week.

So off to Kohls for a new waffle maker. The day we went there was only three or four to choose from.  We picked the Food Network square Belgian Waffle Maker.  Needless to say, I didn't do research first and it was returned two days later.  The reviews were not too good for a $60.00 heavy duty belgian waffle maker, as I found out after purchasing it.   I had tried making three different batches and none of them would adhere to form a waffle and they just stuck.  And yes, I did read the instructions...a few times.

I picked the Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker.  I had also previously bought the Babycakes CakePop Maker.  So far I love them both.  From what I have read, the Waffle Stick Maker is new and isn't even on the Babycakes Shop website yet. Supposedly Kohls is the first to have them.  
These little appliances are so colorful (one is orange and one is purple).  They are not too big and they make such fun food!!!  The waffle sticks are perfect for Joey's little hands.  I would say they are about the size of a twinkie snack.  Both machines come with instruction books and recipes.

So far we used the cake pop maker for Apple Cider/Cinnamin "donut holes".   The great thing is you can control your ingredients and they are baked not fried.  I used my Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus® Spice Blend sprinkled on top.  They were pretty yummy.  I bought the mix at Kohls for the lemon cakepops and the chocolate ones too.  Can't wait to try them! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Super Mario Bros Birthday Party!

The theme this year:
"Super Mario Bros"
Here are some details of the decorations for the big 7th birthday party!

iParty does have Super Mario decorations, as does Party Express, but it is limited as to how much you can get.  We got pretty crafty with this party, but were happy with the results.  The first child that arrived loved it and said "it's like we are in a Mario game!"  That made me smile!

Luckily we found some Martha Stewart 3x3 treat boxes on clearance at JoAnns. Some were covered as mystery boxes (created on MS Paint) and others covered with Brick Patterned paper from Hobby Lobby.  These were great as stackable decorations and also for the hanging streamer in which I used silver star wire.  Gold Coins are cardboard circles from the cake department at AC Moore, covered in gold Christmas wrap (after christmas clearance).  Then used gold cardstock to make the 1 up on the coins. Other smalled gold coins we used as a banner with characters and foam stars.  Pipes were made from green and lime green foam sheets wrapped around paper towel rolls. I glued and stapled them so they would stay. I then used free clipart on skewers to make Mario, Luigi and characters look like they were jumping out of the pipes.

I made the starry stars out of foam sheets adhered to chipboard/thin wooden stars, found at AC Moore. The flower was made from cardboard, felt, foam and covered paper towel roll. Super easy and it looks so cute and colorful.   The green planters were found on clearance at AC Moore.

The phirana plant was a fun modge podge project! I covered a round balloon with modge podge, then red polka dot fabric. Next recovered it with another layer of modge podge and let dry. When dry, I cut out the shape from the sturdy fabric. Next I used a white felt and some creative glue gunning to make the mouth and teeth.  The lime green planters had dividers in them to hold up the stem.

We played a few games... Pin the Mustache on Mario, indoor Yoshi Egg Hunt and Meatball Toss. The kids had a great time!!! The winner of the yoshi egg hunt won a t-shirt (mario of course).  I hid two gold coins in one of the eggs, the rest had candy in them.  I bought after christmas clearance gift bags for the prizes and then just deorated them with Super Mario Bros. characters. The pin the mustache game, I used a large printable picture of Mario. I used MS Paint to delete his mustache. I made a mustache template and just printed them out in different colors, one for each player. The Meatball Toss game was made from a free display from Toys R Us and some left over balls from the ball pit we had.  I guess I could have filled it up with something that looked more like spaghetti, like yarn, but I forgot!

For the cake, I went with simple and then made some decorations from martha steward drink picks and some clip art printed out.  For the goodie bags, we (my husband mostly) and I made cookies and filled the treat boxes from iParty. I then made labels that said "Game Over" "Thanks for celebrating David's 7th Birthday with Us!"

Handmade Yoshi Thank You Notes
(idea/pattern based on  Mario Party Treat Goodie Bags on Etsy)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy Season is Over ;)

I call it the busy season.  Halloween, Joey's Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, David's Birthday.  Happy to say, though the time is precious, busy season is over for another year!!! Time to just bask in the memories and the toys, triple the amount of toys!  Oh yeah and throw in that this the worst time of year for colds, sickness and inclement winter weather.  Boo Hoo!


Tax Return time is right around the corner and Valentines Day (my favorite)!!