Wednesday, March 7, 2012

As I Grow...

As I Grow
Author: Helene Rothschild

As I grow please...
Understand that I am growing up
and changing very fast. It must be
difficult to keep pace, but please try.

As I grow please...
Listen to me and give me brief,
clear answers to my questions.
Then I will keep sharing my thoughts and feelings.

As I grow please...
Reward me for telling the truth,
Then I am not frightened into lying.

As I grow please...
Tell me when you make mistakes
 and what you learned from them.
 then I can accept that I am O.K,
 even when i blunder

As I grow please..
Pay attention to me and
spend time with me.
Then I can believe that
 I am important and worthwhile.

As I grow please...
Do the things that you want me to do.
Then I have a good, positive role model.

As I grow please...
Trust and respect me.
Even though I am smaller than you,
I have feelings and needs, just like you.

As I grow please...
Compliment and appreciate me.
Then I will feel good and
I will want to continue to please you.

As I grow please...
Help me explore my unique interest,
talents, and potential in order
 for me to be happy.
 I need to be me and not you
 or someone you want me to be.

As I grow please...
Be an Individual and create your own happiness.
Then you can teach me the same
and I can live a happy, successful and fulfilling life.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Greeting Cards Made Into Bookmarks

This past summer, we did alot of fun craft projects. We came up with this one while cleaning out a box of old, used greeting cards. All we need for supplies were paper trimmers, punches, corner rounds, ribbon and some good adhesive. Oh and a little imagination!

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