Friday, June 15, 2012

Joey is 2 1/2 !!!!

I measured and weighed him today.

33 inches tall
28.8 lbs

Joey is talking in a lot of sentences and most of the time able to tell us how he is feeling.  He can tell us his first and last name and also that he is 2 1/2 (two half is how he says it). Currently his favorite color is yellow and favorite food is oatmeal ("meal" in his words).   He is still constantly climbing and getting into two year old fun aka trouble!  He can mostly dress himself and like to try on different shoes, boots and hats.  He loves putting on a backpack and walking to the busstop with the big D and little D.  He told me the other day he had homework in his backpack. So cute!

He is starting to sing the ABC song and also can somewhat count to 14 (missing and duplicating a few numbers in between)  He made his friend little friend at school and talks about him at home.  It is really noticable that 3 is right around the corner!!!

September 14 -
    34 inches tall
    31 pounds
Actually grew out of some of his 2T pjs!  3T is still big on him but I can see the length is in his legs. 

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