Sunday, October 5, 2014

Scrapbooking from March 2014 Girls Weekend

Rawr Paper - Our Lil' Monsters - Bo Bunny

First Communion Layouts

Reminisce Family Pride - Growing Up Fast

First Snow Layout ~ Made with scraps from various Kits

Green and Purple Layout with Paper Flowers

Echo Park - About a Boy  (I love these papers and sayings)

Shabby Chic Various papers and embellishments


 I love these two following layouts - preppy colors (navy, green and pink)

 I love Watermelon Layout - old papers, embellishments and ribbon
but was happy to use up all this old stuff.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DIY First Aid Kit

I'll be honest, we have had our fair share of first aid situations at our house.  I like to be organized and when supplies are needed quickly, I want to know right where everything is.  Also my kids love Band-Aids.  When they were little they would call them "ban bans" lol.   We have boxes of them in a few different cabinets and also in the car.   

I really wanted to "upgrade" my current sterilite plastic box that was holding first aid items and put them in one place that was easy to organize.   While shopping at Wal*mart today for completely something else, I saw this cute Creative Options Craft Box.  It looks a lot like a tackle box or a Caboodle cosmetic holder (remember those from the 1980s?).   ps: I love that it is bright pink!

It was awesome to empty all those random boxes of bandages and dump the empties in recycling, free up space in my bathroom closet and medicine cabinets. 
I put the square large Band-Aids, the character Band-Aids,  Neosporin and alcohol wipes in the top part.  The middle section has tiny scissors, tweezers, medical tape and gauze rolls.  The bottom has large Band-Aids, telfa pads, a quick cool pack (unused), antiseptic, gloves, steri-strips/wound closures, and cohesive bandage.
And then of course I used up some scrapbooking stickers to make label it, so the kids and dh will know exactly what I am talking about if I ask them to get it for me ;)


Friday, July 11, 2014

School's Out!

Semi Easy Teacher's Gifts.  I made this cute arrangement with a tin bucket, Styrofoam and shredded decorative paper and crayon shaped erasers from the dollar store.  Target Dollar bin paper strays, patterned scrapbook paper and long bamboo skewers (inside the straw to stabilize them in the Styrofoam).   Then I attached a gift card for each teacher. 

I used a little twine with a  handwritten note from my son to his teacher.  I attached everything using a glue gun.  

Friday, May 30, 2014

Repurposing Old Greeting Cards

Okay, so I am a bit of a packrat, but only with some things.  I usually can't part with greeting cards.  I guess because I like the sentiment but also they cost so much, I feel guilty in a sense just tossing them in the garbage.  

We bought our home almost 13 years ago and we have been married for 11 1/2 years and I still had all my "Congrats on the New Home" and "Wedding Shower" and "Wedding" cards.  I had all of the boys shower and birth Congrats cards.   I had sorted thru about 5 years ago so I had only birthday and general occasion greeting cards from the past 5 years or so. 

Well, I decided to get rid of an oversized TV armoire that no longer housed our TV, but was serving as a storage cabinet for board games, photo albums, keepsakes and of course the greeting cards.  So in getting rid of that, I was faced with the task of cleaning stuff out.  I secretly love projects like this.  I had some games and other things for donation which was good.  I gave the task to the boys of finding all the missing pieces to games and puzzles and then we re-organized them in the closet had built in a few years ago. 

Then I went thru all the keepsakes and photo boxes.  I now have one for each of us, filled with keepsakes, photos, baby items, and few special cards and notes, etc.

Then came the cards!  I found that I could donate card fronts only of non Ha!!mark and Amer!can Greetings to St. Judes Ranch.  Then I had a whole bunch left after that.  So I posted the name brand ones on Freecycle.   A very friendly, kind lady took them for her Girl Scout troop.  They were going to be using them to do a craft with senior citizens.  I recycled the ones we couldn't find a home for and all the cardbacks (better than ending up in a landfill somewhere!) and I kept some for my bookmark projects. 

Recycled Cards make great bookmarks!  Twice I have gone into my son's school and we made bookmarks.  The kids love it and so do I.  It is very relaxing for me personally to make paper crafts.

And this was the last craft I made with the old cards.   I had saved many Easter cards and also both my boys had received Baby's First Easter cards.   I cut all the images out and arranged them on a foam core board to make a wreath.  I love how it came out and the boys loved seeing all the cute spring images of bunnies and chicks.  

All in all, it was a big project, but it is done now and moving onto other things.  Next up is to try and downsize my scrapbooking supplies some more. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Garden Update

We have all been super busy the past few weekends working on our yard.  Our little seeds we had planted earlier in the spring have sprouted and I have now transplanted them.   For Mother's Day, dh and the boys got me rose plants and dh has spent a lot of time clearing a spot, digging, planting and mulching.  It was a lot of work because our property is very rocky under the grass.   I really love how it looks and the color of our new rhododendron is so pretty.  I am excited for the roses and other flowers to bloom.  Hopefully they will at some point over the summer.
My little Vegetable garden.  I didn't want to spend much time or money on this, so we just got some cinder blocks and wood and created a little garden area. 
These are my white iris.   My MIL transplanted them from her yard and then my Dad built this little wood boxes for them and planted them for me at the end of last summer.  I am excited for these to bloom too.  I love irises!   We did the wood boxes because as soon as we started to dig, there was huge boulders under the grass.
That little hole in the wood is where my cute little friend "Chippy" the chipmunk lives.
My Gladiolas in my front flower bed.  My tulips did nicely this year but my daffodils not so much.  Only one had a flower.  I think I forgot to get a picture of the pretty tulips with everything going on this spring.  Time is flying by this year!
One of my new rose bushes.  There is a tiny tiny bud on the top but it is hard to see here.
Rhododendron tree

 The new flower bed near the front walkway.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Finally!

Wow! That was a long winter.  So glad to out today without a coat.
This was our yard on March 6th
And here is yesterday April 14th - what a difference!  This is our first flower of the year, a lonely daffodil.  Hopefully more will follow soon.   My tulips are coming up very full and I can't wait to see all the colors. 
Even though it was super windy out, we attempted to plant some seeds we got at the dollar store.  We were even able to get the potting soil there. Not sure about the quality, but if nothing grows, we at least didn't spend an arm and a leg on our attempts.  The boys love planting stuff though I am pretty sure they probably won't be eating more than the peas or green beans.  I have been on a huge kale kick lately, so I really do want to seriously plant some kale for myself. 
I will have to dig out some gardening scrapbook paper and stickers I have for these photos - it will make a cute layout. 
Our dollar store finds: 

These are pumpkin seeds from our pumpkins last fall.  We washed and dried the seeds and then stored they in a dark place all winter.  It will be interesting to see what happens with these. 
 I think the kids had just as just fun watering the newly planted bulbs in the front garden. 

Taking a minute to stop and smell the daffodil.
My big helper:

 Our baby seedlings