Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13th 2014!

Busy Season is officially Over...

I like to refer to the timeframe between October 31st and January 12th as my "busy season".   It all starts with the excitement of Halloween and also by this point school, sports and all that comes with that is in full force.  Next is Joey's Birthday and then Thanksgiving.  Of course next is all the hoopla that comes with Christmas.  Then to top it off David's Birthday.  Today I can breathe.  It is done for another year.


And today I am officially the mom to a 9 Year Old and a 4 Year Old.  Amazing. 

The days are long and being a mom to two children is by far the hardest job I have ever had (especially when you have been sleep deprived for years), but it is so rewarding. One of my biggest struggles is the 5 year age difference, I constantly feel like I am a referee between the two of them. The interests, wants and needs are at different stages, so I constantly feel like I am being pulled in two directions.  That being said,   I love the everyday moments, the special things we do together and the funny things these two tell me.  They are very entertaining to say the least.  They fill my heart with joy and love!