Thursday, May 29, 2014

Garden Update

We have all been super busy the past few weekends working on our yard.  Our little seeds we had planted earlier in the spring have sprouted and I have now transplanted them.   For Mother's Day, dh and the boys got me rose plants and dh has spent a lot of time clearing a spot, digging, planting and mulching.  It was a lot of work because our property is very rocky under the grass.   I really love how it looks and the color of our new rhododendron is so pretty.  I am excited for the roses and other flowers to bloom.  Hopefully they will at some point over the summer.
My little Vegetable garden.  I didn't want to spend much time or money on this, so we just got some cinder blocks and wood and created a little garden area. 
These are my white iris.   My MIL transplanted them from her yard and then my Dad built this little wood boxes for them and planted them for me at the end of last summer.  I am excited for these to bloom too.  I love irises!   We did the wood boxes because as soon as we started to dig, there was huge boulders under the grass.
That little hole in the wood is where my cute little friend "Chippy" the chipmunk lives.
My Gladiolas in my front flower bed.  My tulips did nicely this year but my daffodils not so much.  Only one had a flower.  I think I forgot to get a picture of the pretty tulips with everything going on this spring.  Time is flying by this year!
One of my new rose bushes.  There is a tiny tiny bud on the top but it is hard to see here.
Rhododendron tree

 The new flower bed near the front walkway.

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StarvingBitch said...

Looks good, I was just thinking about you this morning when I woke up and there you are with a blog post. My daffodils didn't look to hot this year either.