Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DIY First Aid Kit

I'll be honest, we have had our fair share of first aid situations at our house.  I like to be organized and when supplies are needed quickly, I want to know right where everything is.  Also my kids love Band-Aids.  When they were little they would call them "ban bans" lol.   We have boxes of them in a few different cabinets and also in the car.   

I really wanted to "upgrade" my current sterilite plastic box that was holding first aid items and put them in one place that was easy to organize.   While shopping at Wal*mart today for completely something else, I saw this cute Creative Options Craft Box.  It looks a lot like a tackle box or a Caboodle cosmetic holder (remember those from the 1980s?).   ps: I love that it is bright pink!

It was awesome to empty all those random boxes of bandages and dump the empties in recycling, free up space in my bathroom closet and medicine cabinets. 
I put the square large Band-Aids, the character Band-Aids,  Neosporin and alcohol wipes in the top part.  The middle section has tiny scissors, tweezers, medical tape and gauze rolls.  The bottom has large Band-Aids, telfa pads, a quick cool pack (unused), antiseptic, gloves, steri-strips/wound closures, and cohesive bandage.
And then of course I used up some scrapbooking stickers to make label it, so the kids and dh will know exactly what I am talking about if I ask them to get it for me ;)